About Oasis

Oasis Safety was created to serve churches, schools and parachurch organizations across the country who are looking to protect their members, students and families from harm. Oasis offers several programs directed at keeping groups safe, but specializes in active shooter response training (church & parachurch organizations), child sexual abuse prevention training and overall building safety updates.

If you’re looking to create safer environment for your organization, contact us today and see how we can help you. To see the list of our offered trainings, click here.

Our Mission:

Oasis Safety exists to teach, train and develop safety and security programs for churches and parachurch organizations across the country.

Our Vision:

To provide safety and security education for all churches and parachurch organizations, while helping to produce safer environments through assessments, training and cutting-edge strategies.

About Ron

Ron Aguiar is considered an expert in church safety and security. With more than 30 years of experience in private security, law enforcement and church security, he is able to relate and respond to just about any security-related situation a church or parachurch organization would face. He has helped hundreds of churches across the country in setting up and improving their safety…

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Our Trainings

Oasis Safety provides expert advice to church and parachurch organizations around the country through custom, in-house training sessions. Our specialized education in areas such as child abuse prevention, church active shooter training and fire prevention are perfect for churches of any size and denomination looking to create a safer environment for attendees.

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