At Oasis, we offer state-of-the-art training for churches and parachurch organizations of all sizes and religions. We can customize a training with topics that your church is specifically looking to learn about, or we can use a general education training for preliminary introduction to safety and security recommendations.

Our list of offered trainings can be built to communicate to a small group, such as elders and deacons, or we can create a training that speaks to larger groups such as staff members or volunteers.

Church Safety and Security Training

This training is what we would recommend for a church looking to begin a safety and security team within their facility. It includes information that is useful when setting up a security team, training volunteers in areas of nursery security, fire drills and prevention and background checks. This information is also useful for safety and security teams who are looking to increase security or update their current strategy.

Duration: 2-3 Hours

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training

Protecting children should be a top priority for churches across the country and Oasis has created a cutting-edge seminar to help. This seminar teaches and trains staff and volunteers the best way to mitigate risk of child sexual abuse within their nursery and young adult programs. It will also cover how to perform correct background checks, reporting requirements and peer-on-peer abuse. We recommend this training for all churches.

Duration: 2 Hours

Active Shooter Response Training

When it comes to keeping your church safe, being able to recognize and eliminate the threat of an active shooter is extremely important. Oasis has the ability to teach small to medium-sized groups proven techniques that can save lives and specifically offers expertise when it comes to church facilities. We recommend this training for all churches and parachurch organizations.

Duration: 1 Hour

Add-On: Upon request, this training can be added to our Church Safety and Security Training.

Additional Services

Safety and Security Assessment

Many times a church won’t know where to begin when it comes to setting up a safety team and securing their building. That’s where we can help. Oasis will set up a visit to survey your church and recommend areas where increased security could benefit your facility. After the assessment, we recommend that the church have additional training offered to staff and volunteers.

Add-On: Upon request, this training can be added to our Church Safety and Security Training

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